Rundles & Associates plans for the big picture and smallest details. Photographs from our events provide you with a glimpse of what your guests will experience and the strength of your organization.

Why Hire an Event Manager?

Is it time for an event manager?

Successful events solidify your reputation as a leading non-profit or organization. Your guests deserve excellence, and so do you! Rundles & Associates knows the demands placed on every staff member at a non-profit regardless of size – the amount of work is exceptional. Rundles & Associates provides clear solutions and expert service for the ultimate success of your event and organization.

Why hire an event manager?

Event managers organize logistics, manage details, and execute plans seamlessly for optimum fundraising and donor satisfaction. An experienced professional utilizes their contacts to secure the best vendors for the best value. Professionals are worth the expenditure and add immense value and return. Each expert is worth at least three non-experts, whose efforts are better spent working with your donors and supporters.

Virtual and Hybrid Events

Rundles & Associates Events will guide your organization through a proven step-by-step model of developing and executing a successful virtual or hybrid fundraiser using our Three C Method. Our Three C's will steward donors with more impactful-driven Content to create a sense of Community that leads to Connection with your mission.

We are an early pioneer working with online auction platforms for more than 10-years which puts us ahead on knowing how to maximize fundraising in the virtual realm. Our live stream and hybrid services produce an energetic event to keep your donors and sponsors engaged so they do not “change the channel” during your event. Services include goal setting to ensure the right-fit event is produced, partnering with an AV company to provide all of the tech support required, sponsorship and paid ticket buildout, content and storytelling creation based on your goals and creating community, swag box creation, leading rehearsals, and developing opportunities for creativity that is not possible at live events.